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Friday, August 22, 2003

76% humidity. please lord, let those thundershowers come. a few bottles of magic hat hocus pocus and some belgian style ale from cooperstown are chilling in the fridge. i picked up some red onion to go with the bbq beef, and some yogurt & bananas for dessert. could be a fine evening, gastronomically speaking.

one of the first blogs i visited, and still visit daily, is Squirrels Pinnacle. i find krip's opinions and meanderings entertaining and sometimes thought provoking. i've noticed the majority of male bloggers that i visit regularly are british. i've started to wonder is that because brits are better writers, or do they just represent a larger percentage of male bloggers?

krip has also made me notice that we are indeed two countries separated by a common language. between himself and Scaryduck, i've hit upon numerous occasions that caused me to reread a sentence several times so i could discern the meaning of a word or phrase. i wonder if the brits have the same experience with american bloggers?

it was an experience learning to speak and interpret Southern when j and i met. for example, to put something away in the south is to "put it up", even if you have to dig a three foot hole in the ground to put it there. then there are buggies in the supermarket, whereas up north we have carts - buggies are for babies or for squishing. do denizens of northern england and southern england have the same colloquialistic barriers? maybe krip will see this and let me know. or maybe he'll just call me a twunt.
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