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Monday, August 18, 2003

ok, so i've been doing this blog thing for about 10 days. i've got the blogroll, the random link thing. fine. i'd truly like to allow comments, so that IF anyone ever reads this stuff and feels like telling me how incredibly insipid and inaccurate i am about whatnot, they can. but every friggin' comment service seems to have shut down ten minutes before i click the link to their page. so if you want to play the feedback game, email me.

iamadonut posted from KAZAKHSTAN today, but of course my brain only picked up on his comment about mike oldfield's 30th anniversary version of tubular bells (you know, the exorcist theme). it got me thinking: what is an artist's intent when s/he repeats, virtually down to the last detail, an existing piece of his/her own work? we have sequelitis in books and movies, and now more and more in music (dark side of the moog vol. 9, anyone?). but to completely rerecord an existing work - is this more than self-indulgence; or what happens when the need for income is foiled by the lack of new ideas?

[speaking of the dark side of the moon and rerecording, i now have about five versions of that piece, including a dub recording.]

anyway, d met his ladyfriend and they had a good time, so i'm happy for them. mouse took mouse-spawn to the doctor today and he is a healthy 4-month old. optonline is still recovering from the blackout and our tv mostly looks like rainbow sherbert in a blender, and that's all for now.
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