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Tuesday, August 19, 2003


today i journeyed to speak with esq. kapp, a bankruptcy lawyer. the short version of the story being that i cannot file ch. 7 because my car is worth too much, and i cannot file ch. 13 because i don't make enough to pay my creditors. of course, if i could pay the creditors, i wouldn't have been in mr. kapp's office to begin with now, would i? i came home to find an invitation from d. to see steely dan this friday at the beach. i responded with a thank you, but explained that i can't afford spit or sand right now. i'm thinking a hefty loan against my 401k may be a solution. oh, the consequences of my misspent youth. actually, this is the consequence of my misspent marriage. i can't even say i enjoyed digging this hole. :(

today j and i are mousespawn-sitting whilst mouse is off at ozzfest. actually, j is doing the sitting, i'm just decoration. mushrooms are marinating for their starring role in tonight's dinner (costarring swiss cheese and burgers on kaiser rolls), and that's all i know...
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