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Wednesday, August 20, 2003

so our ireland operation contacts me because they moved an application from one server to another and now it's broken (the app, not the server). i created this app back in 2000, sent it over with my coworker Dog, and it's worked charmingly ever since. until now.
this is low-budget tech support, no net meeting, no pc-anywhere; we're communicating by email. our first q&a volley reveals that the obvious solutions aren't going to work. so i have to bring up my copy from the archives and look around. unfortunately the app is password protected, with the same password that was assigned to the original version sent to dublin. and they changed it upon installing the app in 2000. and i didn't write it down, because i don't write down passwords...the instructions (written by me) give the admin username, but not the password, because i gave that to Dog verbally when i gave him the install disc.
so...what password would i give to the application going to dublin...that Dog would not forget?...

"beer" got me right in.
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