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Saturday, August 23, 2003

three reasons why i am pathetic:

3. today i drove several hours to visit dreesen's excelsior market in east hampton, having seen them on a tv special about the country's best donuts. it was a beautiful day for a drive, and that was half the reason for the ride. j, mouse, mouse-spawn and i braved the summer hampton traffic, passing several giant inflatable ears of corn (how do you spell "tacky"?) and the newest automotive status symbols (cooper mini and hummer h2) along the way, to finally arrive and purchase what were definitely unremarkable donuts.

2. i could not finish my pint of Ommegang Hennepin Belgian Ale last night. it too was not as great as i expected. there are several raves for the fruitiness of this ale. it was good, but damn if my palate can discern any hint of cherry, raisin, or plum. on my defense, i uncorked the pint bottle (yes, it is corked, as are many belgian-style beers) after finishing a Magic Hat Hocus Pocus.

and the number one reason i am pathetic:

1. unable to finish the pint bottle of above-said ale, i used one of mouse-spawn's rubber bottle nipples to reseal the bottle.
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