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Sunday, September 07, 2003

'sa funny ol' world, innit?

the felon has been polite, sober, funny, sober, helpful, and sober. he is staying until wednesday, after which he's returning to va. he even helped me pick out a new tv (flatscreen 24").

today i spent a few hours running mouse around to do some clothes shopping. we took spawn-of-mouse with us, so j. got a break from babysitting. tonight mouse et al. went to va to pick up some baby stuff we stored down there with relatives. her boyfriend has never made the trip, so i expect phone calls at 3am asking for directions. i hope he doesn't stop for help south of the mason-dixon line, 'cos he looks like a hitler youth white supremicist (he's not, but you can't tell by looking). felon is sober and asleep on the livingroom couch.

but i'm still sleeping with the car keys.
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