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Friday, September 05, 2003


they make movies on IFC out of days like this...


work got worse, then evened out, then got worse. at least i got to burn 6 disks for sorin & cristina (check your mail soon, guys). dog, bless his soul, offered to take me out for drinks afterwards, at 430. at 425, neeta shows up with 20 minutes worth of work (thankyouverymuch), which lead to me having to work this weekend. at 5 oclock i made it to the bar where dog (thankyouohthankyouohTHANKYOU) bought me many several a few beers. then i went and picked up my stepdaughter from work, and f*ck it and the whitetrash image, we went and got a few more drinks. mouse is very funny when she's buzzing. mouse offered to sign her entire paycheck over to the bartender. (that spelling at the top of this entry is hers). then i came home to face the felon, with the home-court advantage of being more drunk than he is.

then it got weird.

the phone rings. apparently, j's cousin has sponsored us for a weekend at a timeshare in hilton head sc. i told him i was too frazzled to deal, please call back wednesday. he will. if you're in sc, invite us in. we'll pay our way in stories.

so the felon will be spending a night or two on the couch. i've nailed down anything that can be pawned. thank god i'm already flat broke. i'm sleeping with the car keys in my pocket . . . again.

if there are posts tomorrow, it means he hasn't stolen the laptop.

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