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Thursday, September 04, 2003

the weather is finally getting cooler, which is good because the cat keeps leaving behind hunks of himself. when you have a 25-lb. cat, one good shed can smother you in your sleep.

today my music collection officially passed the 2700 album point. i say officially because there's over 300 albums that i haven't cataloged yet. someday the riaa will strangle the last p2p to death; in the meantime, i'm stockpiling.

a couple of phone calls tonight revealed that my ex-con stepson jc got picked up for petty theft and then released. but since he worked in people's houses as a plumber, his boss had to let him go, because jc had become a liability. the latest rumour is that he was on a bus headed north. he was 394 miles away last night. he may be considerably closer tomorrow.

things could get interesting...

...remind me to tell you the florida christmastime stolen vehicle story some day...
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