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Sunday, September 07, 2003

what's white and furry and goes "gaWHONG!!!"? my dog walking into a street sign.

we took a walk down the hill today to the farmstand and picked some tomatoes, red onion, and the last ball of homemade mozzarella. then we trudged back UP the hill, with the dog pausing to (a) fall into a sewer grate and (b) trip over a stick. i think it's time to get him trimmed.

dinner was grilled portabello sandwiches with mozzarella, beefsteak tomato, grilled red onion, and spinach sauteed in bacon drippings. on the side, my apartment-famous three-tomato salsa:

4 farmstand tomatos (if you use store-bought tomatos, your salsa will taste like cardboard. and you will deserve it)
6 tomatillas
1/2 lb. sun-dried tomatos
8 - 12 oz. cooked bacon
1 onion
1 clove chopped garlic
8 oz. sliced black olives
juice of one lime
1 chipotle chile in adobe sauce
8 oz. mushrooms

chop everything and toss. you're welcome.

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