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Tuesday, October 28, 2003


hat's off to all those blue collars who build and maintain this planet. just put in too many hours at the stupo-screen (read: laptop) and i am wasted, drain-bed, good-for-naught.

on a positive note, a realtor called with two possiblities on a new apartment for moi and company. it's not easy to find a rental when you've got three adults, a baby, a dog, and a cat. both prospects sound quite nice, but they're also a bit of a drive from my office. mind you, i've done the 2-hour long island to nyc commute, so anything under an hour is bearable.

nevertheless, it's sadistically amusing how mentioning to someone that you might be moving 20 miles away from her boyfriend inspires said someone to start looking for alternate housing a wee bit closer to the status quo.

oh, and stay tuned for details of my upcoming contest, wherein you just might win a $20 amazon gift certificate.
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