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Saturday, October 18, 2003

cheap shot

anyone who knows me at all knows that if i were stuck on a desert island faced with a suit by the RIAA and could only have 10 disks o' music with me, also knows that i would impale myself on the local flora or fauna within 36 hours. that said, here's my current top 10 desert island disks. (wait, please, chop off a leg and let me take a few more...)

dark side of the moon
blue oyster cult on your feet or on your knees
peter gabriel 3
alan parsons project tales of mystery & imagination
elp brain salad surgery
pat metheny as falls wichita
mussorsky pictures at an exhibition
copland third symphony & billy the kid
e.s.t. somewhere else before
tangerine dream poland

ps. if i start posting my results from "what kind of kitchen appliance are you" type quizzes, please see my instructions below regarding neon cooling systems for LAN-party computers.
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