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Friday, October 10, 2003

consider a symphony or sonata to be a musical composition of 3 or 4 movements of contrasting forms. it's been a sorta symphonic day, or at least a sonata of a day.

work had this lousy part wherein the security file associated with several of my apps got pooched whilst i was updating one of them. i. love. microsoft. then i had to do some testing, which went off without a hitch. then back to descrambling the pooched files, which were quickly becoming the binary equivalent of spaghetti. then angel called, and that always brightens my day.

early afternoon, i had to go see my lawyer, as the would-be-ex is still finding ways to avoid letting this divorce go through. i stopped by home on the way back to the office to have coffee with angel, and wow what an oasis that was.

the scrambled egg applications were still waiting at work, and had not been nice and fixed themselves. they had just gotten cold and kind of runny. luckily, it being friday, i was required by (very) local law to leave work at 5:30 and go to happy hour, where we toasted our coworker's 31st birthday (the baby!).

then off to pick up mouse, home to dinner, and to watch the symphonic yes dvd i picked up on the way to get mouse. (look, i had to kill time; what better legal and moral way than barnes & noble?)

coda: i'd told the felon he had until tonight to move out; given that one of his coworkers told him he can move in with him in a couple of weeks, i'm extending the deadline. on a very tentative basis.

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