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Friday, October 24, 2003

extra crispy

so earlier this week, tuesday, i think it was, i'm having one of those days where work just does not want to get done. i'm trying sincerely to complete a task, and it's interruption after interruption - phone calls, people stopping by, etc., etc., etc. finally, I close my office door and try to set to work.

about 30 minutes later, my phone rings. it's my boss.

"bob, did you know that the building is on fire and you're still inside?"

"no, i didn't. and yes i am."

"would you care to join the rest of us out in the parking lot?"

"umm. ok."

so i grabbed my jacket, locked the office, and went out into the parking lot, where a small contingent of co-workers who were aware of my potential state of bbq cheered my appearance.

there we waited for an hour, watching fire trucks, ambulances, police, and sundry officious-looking individuals go back and forth whilst giving us no clue whatsoever to the future of our fair building.

then someone got the brilliant idea (having not seen "young frankenstein") to say, hey, at least it's not raining.

whereupon the rain started.

apparently Someone-In-Charge-Of-Things decided they'd rather burn or be poisoned than get wet, and we were readmitted to our building.

i never did get that project done that day.

oh, and in spite of the nonworking walkie-talkies, all of our safety officers looked real cool in the flourescent vests.
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