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Saturday, October 18, 2003


tonight's dinner kinda stunk.

which is really depressing, because i cooked it.

the menu was pear and cheese strata with mushroom soup. the soup was excellent, if i do say so myself. the strata was horrible. which ticks me off, because i've made it before, and it was great.

well, i made it once before. for me, that's a big thing. i almost never repeat a recipe (so many recipes, so little time), with the exception of indiana cheeseburgers and chocolate truffles. but last autumn, whilst living with my good friend drew and a few other assorted characters, i made this strata, and it was bang-your-partner's-head-against-the-table good. so tonight i'm sitting here with a foul taste in my mouth trying to figure out what i did different. it was definitely the cheese (tip: smoked gouda doesn't melt), and it might have been the wine. either way, now i have two dishes that officially count as abysmal failures.

i hope the sun still rises tomorrow.
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