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Friday, October 24, 2003

fyi (pronounced "fffwwheee")

ok, so like i've said, i'm a music junkee. my co-workers are waiting for the 3,000 album mark, because i've promised to bring in krispy kreme donuts then. anyway, today was a good music day. i heartily recommend the following, if you have even the slightest appreciation for jazz or zappa-esque rock:

esbjorn svensson trio - seven days of falling: an incredible young jazz trio that somehow conjures the spirit of radiohead, monk, and bill bruford, while maintaining their own very unique voice. available in europe now, and in the states in january. i also highly recommend the compilation somewhere else before.

ellery eskelin - arcanum moderne: hard-bop for for people who don't like hard bop. somehow really really listenable, especially the track 'half a chance'.

emmylou harris - stumble into grace: magical. 'nuff said.

in vaguely related news, after work tonight i travelled to a crappy neighborhood to a very crowded bar to hear a co-worker's two-man band. the music was really enjoyable, as only live music can be, and it's cool to see your co-workers outside the confines of the cube farm, to see that they have other lives, and are more dimensional than just their role in the office. lots of bar-fare, like the grateful dead (and let's face it, the dead sound good no matter who plays it), jimmy buffet, etc. but i did let out a genuine (and embarrassingly loud) whoop of joy when they played john hiatt's 'the tiki bar is open'. cheers, ted.

ok kids, thanks for being patient. as you were.
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