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Thursday, October 16, 2003

on having no sense of accessorization

today, with assistance from a friend, i went to a brokerage firm and had them do a buy and hold on some stock options my company granted me. this is my first venture into the world of high-rolling wall-street sharks, bulls, and bears. this also pretty much guarantees that my employer will go belly-up by december.

on the way home, i passed a jaguar with spinning hubcaps, proof that wealth does not equate to taste. that was just the warmup, though, as about two miles later i passed a purple honda cr-v with a spoiler shaped like this, but - i swear - about the size of the rear window of the vehicle. it looked like a radar dish.

in a vaguely related area, this past weekend i researched motherboards (or "mobo's", as the cool kids call them) and processors, for my budding diy pc. one of the top performers that i found also happens to come with fluorescent bits and pieces, which to me makes as much sense as having a glow-in-the-dark pancreas. then i realized that i had made a sharp left turn into the culture of LAN parties; people, let me tell ya, this blogging is about as geeky as i wanna get. please, if i start posting about purchasing faux neon cooling systems, please hunt me down and kill me.
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