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Wednesday, November 05, 2003

the idea
just because i can, i'm having a contest to mark the fact that my music catalog is about to reach 3,000 recordings.
the background
i use a fine product from collectorz.com to catalog my music. one of the geeky features of said program is the ability to get statistics of your collection, which let's you see useless tidbits . . . such the total length of your collection.
the question
here's how to play. send me an email, or use the comments box in this entry only, to guess the total length of my collection at 3,000 albums. that is, if i played every album back to back, nonstop, how many hours would it last?
the proof
i will take a time-stamped screenshot of the statistics page as proof of the correct answer.
the tip
the collection contains a few eps, a few boxsets, but mostly everyday run-of-the-mill long-players. it runs from albums originally released in 1938 to 2003.
the deadline
november 14, 2003, noon eastern standard time
the payoff
the winner of the contest is the person who guesses, to the nearest hour, the total length of the collection at 3,000 albums. the winner will receive, via email, a twenty dollar gift certificate to amazon. in the event of a tie, i'll have the winners duke it out down to the minute.
the results
there were 10 entries - 5 by comment and 5 by email. below are the guesses, followed by the correct answer (2930 hours), and the difference between the two.

James 22000 2930 19070
Vito 7500 2930 4570
Vera 150 2930 2780
Kat 227 2930 2703
David 1963 2930 967
Cristoph 2000 2930 930
Brenda 2011 2930 919
Erin 3777 2930 847
Coffdrop 2300 2930 630
Krzysztof 3177 2930 247

congratulations, krzysztof!
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