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Monday, November 17, 2003

it's a difficult thing, interviewing new homes. over the past few weeks, angel and i have had a few candidates interview for the position. most of the homes out there just aren't suitable rentals for three adults, an infant, a dog, and a throw pillow, er, cat. those are tough criteria to satisfy.

eventually, you get a few resumes thrown your way. then you have to sift through the slush pile, to weed out the ones that don't have enough rooms, or that want too much money. that whittled it down to about three candidates.

the first was a dream home with one flaw: it was an hour away from everything - work, family, etc. it had a view of the sound . . . but it was an hour away from everything else. it had a deck . . . but it was an hour away from everything else. it had a spiral staircase (!) . . . but it was an hour away from everything else. it was two hundred dollars cheaper than all the other candidates . . . but, well, you know.

the second was a real contender. a duplex, walking distance from the harbor, walking distance to main street usa. two floors, a patio, a garage. alas, we made an offer, but the duplex decided to go with someone else. we were disappointed, but all things happen for a reason, we said to ourselves.

the third candidate, well, sometimes you wonder why they answer the ad. completely unprepared for us or anyone else. above a restaurant specializing in seafood, i could just imagine the bouquet from the dumpster in the summer months. no two walls square to one another, and a kitchen smaller than a walk-in closet. thanks for coming in, we said. don't call us, we'll call you.

in the parking lot, after interviewing this last apartment, the headhunter says to me, there is a place that just came on the market today. here's the resume. would you like to meet face to face? let's do it now, i said, see how it reacts without a chance to prepare - how it behaves under pressure, so to speak.

well, now. where do we begin? no garden apartment, this. no duplex, no shared house. no, this was one big house, dedicated to serving one family. an impressive curricula vitae: a basement, two stories, an attic; polished wooden floors throughout; full kitchen; three bedrooms; a deck; a yard; a parking-lot-sized driveway. an office. alas, the salary looked a bit stiff for my modest budget. still, we parted with the knowlege that perhaps we could work something out, and i called angel. we talked. i talked to the accounting dept. we pushed numbers around. we pushed the biggest ones we could find all the way to the left. maybe this could happen.

the next day, angel interviewed the house. we conferred. we concurred. we made an offer.

we waited.

this evening we met with the headhunter and the house. we reached an agreement. we signed a lot of paper.

we have a house.

we have a home.
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