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Saturday, November 01, 2003

should i call this entry

32 short films about my weekend


glimpses of nirvana

or maybe just


the past 24 hours have included, in no particular order, and not necessarily all at once:

3 drunks
8 memorable breasts
4 obnoxious hispanic women
2 bus rides
1 pissed landlord
1 eviction
approximately $2150
foucault's pendulum
3 loads of laundry
1 big lie
1 migraine headache
3 cups of coffee
8 ibuprofen
4 auxiliary policemen and a funeral procession
1 free 15 amp fuse from sears
1 free bus transfer
1 woman spilling her drink on me and foucault's pendulum
12 chocolate chip cookies
1 chair in the middle of the sidewalk in the middle of nowhere

to document it all would result in one of those epic blogs; the kind where you read the first two paragraphs and then your mtv-bred ADD kicks in and you click to the next listing in your blogroll. so, you tell me which parts you want to hear about, if any. i'll respond if necessary.

kudos to those who get all three allusions in the entry heading.
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