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Friday, January 09, 2004

Bob Mould - Live Dog 98
Grant Lee Buffalo - Copperopolis
Heiner Goebbels - Surrogate Cities
Heino Eller - Neenia

My lawyer has an evil sense of humor. Yesterday she pondered whether she could resolve next week's conference without the need for myself and the would-be-ex to come to court. Then she nixed the idea just so Ex will have to drive 50 miles in rush-hour traffic to get there.


the word of the day is rintintinitis - a constant woofing in the ear.


thanks to bush's proposed immigration plan and the brain-trust spawned economic shot in the foot that is NAFTA, we'll soon see a pingpong effect. As illegal aliens sneak into the states to get jobs for 50 times the salary they'd make in their own country, those jobs are being shipped out of the states. eventually there will be organized unions full of undocumented unemployed workers.
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