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Friday, January 30, 2004

random access radio

i did an experiment this week. each day i randomly selected a couple of songs from my collection. by randomly selected, i mean i let the database choose the song, not me. then i burned them all to disc, in the order they originally came up. the idea was to see just what a random cross section of my collection would sound like. and here it is.

acoustic alchemy - rive gauche
acoustic, tasteful jazz. a safe start. nothing dramatic.
cream - politician
classic rock, but not the track you'll hear every day on every clear channel (tm) (totalitarian monopoly) classic rock station
maurice ravel - rapsodie espagnole. 2. malaguena
i expected some classical, and i got it. this is the track where you get to go to the fridge for a drink.
kate bush - oh england my lionheart
remember how good she could be? one of her ballads that contains no vocal acrobatics, just sweet singing.
dave douglas - vanitatus vanitatum
an uncharacteristically tom waitesian track from the incredibly talented trumpeter. a lot of fun, and a good segue out of kate bush
pat metheny - turnaround
another good segue, this time into some "serious" contemporary jazz from an all-star lineup including metheny, jack dejohnette, and charlie hayden
dave matthews band - all along the watchtower
dmb has released this song four times. this is the second best version - the best is on the central park concert disc
deep purple - knocking at your back door
just revel in it
badly drawn boy - blistered heart
chick corea - the dragon
this is where you go the bathroom
badi assad - jorge da fusa
warren zevon - hasten down the wind
the live solo version from 'learning to flinch'. what talent. what a loss.
gomez - emergency surgery
not gomez's most accessible song, but sure contains some interesting percussion
glenn miller - bugle call rag
a brief blast of big band
chris botti - when i see you
i loathe 'smooth jazz,' but botti is really really good. this song is no exception.
willie nelson - texas flood
... and ending with the outlaw on a classic blues track.

so overall, not a bad disc. i will most likely rerecord it to normalize the volume and do some cross-fading. if you'd like the original disc, let me know. first come, first serve.
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