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Tuesday, January 20, 2004


soundtrack by:
growing - the sky's run into the sea
catrin finch - crossing the stone
joe henry - fuse
cabaret voltaire - original sound of sheffield

i hab a freebin heb code, an iz not fubby amme morg.

so last night i wake up coughing, like i have been for three nights now. i make my way to the bathroom, and knowing that it's gotta be around 1 am, take a douse of nyquil. make my way back to the bedroom, and notice the clock. 5:50 am.

my alarm will be going off in ten minutes. i have to get ready for work. i have a gazillion test scripts to review. i have creaking legacy applications to maintain. i have work work work.

i have just taken sleeping medicine.

i am not going to have a good day.


luckily for me, four cups of coffee beats two tablespoons of nyquil, so i manage to hackcoughwheeze my whiny red-eyed dribbling sniffling cottonheaded way through the day. angel and i have just shared a dinner of my very best cold-beating chicken soup, and are already in bed. the good thing about winter is that it gets dark early and you don't have to feel guilty about going to bed before the game shows are over.


wish me luck. tomorrow i go back to school.


i have attended five colleges/universities so far. i have two undergraduate degrees to show for it. this time i'm going for the masters. the difference being that this time i have chosen the degree based on my job, as opposed to trying to find a job based on the degree i've earned.

who knew they offered curriculae in coffee swigging and photocopying body parts?

oh yeah. landlord from hell still has my boxspring. he's been too sick to arrange for anyone to move it out of our old apartment. angel and i are starting each morning looking more and more like something off a sidewalk vending cart served with mustard.

and that's all she wrote.
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