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Wednesday, February 18, 2004


i write this live from my graduate class in drug development. tonight's class began with a morale-crushing quiz. it's going downhill from there. because we are viewing the professor remotely through a projector hooked up to a videoconference setup, our room is fairly dark - so dark that the professor sees only a blackened room from his end.

the subject matter is so incredibly fascinating that, half an hour into the lecture, two students have slipped out under cover of darkness. there is also a second faculty member in the professor's room who is supposed to be observing the professor; he's doing much more interjecting than observing. unfortunately, the microphones at their end are nowhere near this second teacher. the result is a droning mumble that no one can hear. alas, no one is interested enough to inform the professor of this situation either.

i for one am writing this. and in the course of doing so, two more students have slipped out.
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