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Thursday, February 05, 2004

get behind the mule . . .

work has become so incredibly hellish that i have started answering the phone with 'third circle of hell, beelzebub speaking, how may i direct your soul?' the fact that my throat is now so completely beaten by this cold-that-will-not-die kinda helps with the demon voice. i sorta sound like a hungover tom waites.

if i could only speak more than four words without collapsing into a fit of coughing, i'd slay 'em at karaoke night. is heartattack and vine even available at those places?

btw, i finished above the mean on last night's quiz. seems the high score was 150 (3 students nailed that extra credit), and the low score was 30 (3 students nailed the bottle, apparently). one suspects these are the students behind the prof's email requesting that we refrain from 'communicating in less than professional tones' with him. rowr.

that's all she wrote.
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