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Sunday, February 29, 2004


i've mentioned before that the felon occasionally stays with us. this is one of those occasions. he's working here in ny while he awaits a court date next month back in va. he's also looking for his own place, because he knows i won't let him stay here more than a few weeks.

mouse is a more long-term resident, although i hope no less temporary than her brother the felon. she and her son are staying here while she recovers from a bad marriage and an unexpected pregnancy. she has found work and companionship; now i'd like her to find lodgings elsewhere.

saturday i spent with my own kids, whom i am sure will one day give me (a) agita, (b) heart failure, and/or (c) grounds for homicide. for the time being, however, they are still innocent enough that we had a good day together at the park and walking through a nature reserve.

saturday morning i dropped the felon off at work. saturday evening he had not yet called for a ride. saturday night came and went without a word. at 2am sunday morning i said the hell with it and went to sleep.

sunday morning i called around at the hospitals and police stations. it nearly gave angel a heart attack when we learned that someone with his last name had been admitted to the ER the night before. luckily it turned out to be a woman named thelma. i was getting ready to drive around randomly looking for him when, at 10am sunday morning, he phoned for a ride. he'd gone to a coworker's house, had a bit to drink, and slept there. he'd forgotten to call.

i picked him up and drove him home in silence. he didn't seem to get the drift of the situation. for myself, i wasn't particularly upset with him. after all, he's an adult who is responsible and accountable for his own actions. but he had his mother worried sick this morning, and to me that was simply disrespectful. i'm big on respecting one's elders, whether they're right or wrong.

in the midst of this, i noticed that mouse had gotten a temporary tattoo on the back of her neck. (her beau is a fledgling tattoo artist.) the design was a symbol which was extremely offensive to my religious beliefs, and i told her so. she assured me it was temporary, and that it would be removed soon. still, the idea that she would bring such symbolism under my roof when i am providing shelter for her and her offspring was extremely insulting. it set my mood for the remainder of the day, which was one of resentment for the lack of appreciation these two siblings had demonstrated.

i took angel out later to run some errands with me. i took a walk alone through the woods behind our house. i made dinner for angel and myself. we went to bed.

the word of the day is, "offended."
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