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Sunday, February 22, 2004

shameless begging

so the very short version of the story is i'm currently housing an eight-week-old female kitten whose would- be owner bailed out, for which, as we all know, they are damned forever. since i am already housing (1) max, (2) falcor, and (3) mouse-spawn, i cannot afford to house anything else that exhibits routine physical metabolic functions. so i implore you, my single-digit readership, to help find a good home for the newbe. see here, here, and here for three good reasons to do so. mouse works at an animal shelter (which cannot take the cat due to overcrowding), so we can arrange spaying, shots, and feline leukemia/feline HIV testing for around $60. i'm in central long island. i can ship the cat fed-ex overnight if necessary.

email me at bmaddock[at]optonline[.]net.

and yes, i'm joking about the fed ex.
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