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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

beg. borrow. steal. repeat.
with apologies to scott-san for borrowing his idea, i've got a project stuck in my head. the idea of a 'spring' themed mix cd intrigues me, with the only problem being that i'm not a particularly springy guy. i'm much more the autumny/wintery guy. at best, i can be a spring-stormy, thunder-and-lightning-on-the-horizon kind of guy, but not so much the flowers blooming and easter bunny coming stuff.

still, i think i'd like to make a spring mix disc. i have a total of one songs in mind - birdland, as covered by bela fleck.

so help me out, if you would?

what song or songs would you include on a spring mix disc? if i get enough responses to actually fill a cd, i'll send a copy to everyone who contributes. if you're feeling particularly gregarious, mention this project on your own site, and i'll name my next-born after you.

thanks for coming through. i knew you would.
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