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Sunday, May 09, 2004

communication breakdown
so i go to see the kids yesterday. their mom had to leave before i arrived, so she dropped them at the neighbor's house to wait for me.

things might have gone more smoothly had she notified me about this arrangement. oops.

so i arrive at the kids' house, ring the bell, knock on the door. not surprisingly, there is no one home. i sit in the car and wait for 40 minutes. no sign of anyone. (my kids live on a corner house; had the neighbors stepped outside their house to look for me, they would have seen the car sitting on the side street where i always park upon arrival). i called the house. no answer. i call her cell phone. no service.

so i left. filed a police report. drove several hours back home. a full day on the road for naught.

i'm supposed to drop off the kids at 4pm. at 4:20pm i get a message on my cell from their mother. she's going to be about a hour late.

she has no idea that the kids aren't with me. she never called the neighbor to see how things went. the neighbor never called her. whether this was a judgement call or they didn't have a contact number, i don't know. oops again.

since their mother is habitually late - and was an hour late on the previous visitation day - i'm suspecting this message was lost in the ether for two weeks and is finally reaching my voicemail.

two hours later she calls again, asking what happened. i ask her the same thing. she explains the whole neighbor thing. can i come make up the visit next week? we'll see, i say. (actually, next week is booked.)

final score:
me - 0
the kids - 0
their mom - 0
angel - 0
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