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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

random items
Scott-san's double-shot mix disk came today, and, ladies & gentlemen, the man rocks to a level that i can only dream of reaching. i have insider information that indicates some of you may receive the consolidated, high-pressure edition of the mix. i can only warn all y'all: you will be annoying your neighbors.

as long as we're in the mix: i've thrown together some trax for jules and, as usual, there were a few near-misses in the burn process. not technical near-misses, just playlists that didn't quite hit the target i'd set. there are two or three of these laying around, containing contributions by hiatt, waits, the jayhawks, chuck prophet, patty larkin, and a few surprises. if you're interested in dumpster diving through my discard pile, leave me a comment.

place your bets on whether or not i get to see the kids this weekend.

oldest brother, who has a parkinsons-like condition thanks to a drug/drug interaction, is now on the waiting list to get into the mayo clinic later this summer. for the faithful, keep him and his in your prayers, please. ditto for our dad, who just signed up for a clinical trial to see if it helps the condition in his circulatory system that, at his age, could lead to deafness and/or blindness. he's currently on steroids, which have turned the world's-most-patient-man into the incredible hulk with a snapping turtle on his gonads. if you've never experienced the 'roids rages from which some steroid patients (and everyone around them) suffer, count your blessings.

i can just imagine dad, a eucharistic minister, losing it at church. 'Hey Father! How 'bout shutting up a little early? There's a game on in an hour, you know."

i made barbecued baby back ribs this past weekend for the first time. the good news is that they were very good. the bad news is that the ribs blew my food budget for the week, so it's been a choice of peanut butter or hot dogs for the past three days. now that the hot dogs are gone, tomorrow's menu will feature (a) peanut butter on palm, or (b) dirt.
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