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Friday, September 10, 2004


6am. rise. shine. well, maybe flicker.

7am. arrive at work 13 hours after i left. make coffee, toast. turn on laptop, lava lamp. wait for email filter to sort through 108 pieces of spam for the 1 business-related message. try to remember what it is i do for a living. like a bad dream, it all starts to come back to me.

8am. begin project d'jour. wonder why software vendor includes audit-tracking capabilities if it only includes only some of the fields in the database. start third cup 'o joe. soundtrack: pete namlook's 'air' opuses (opi? dan, help).

9am. cup 4. discuss previous day's meeting with assistant. compare benefits of shouting down opponents in meetings vs letting them ramble and hang themselves with their own words. very little progress on project d'jour.

9:28am. nine twenty-eight 'i love you' call from angel. cool, huh?

10am. staff meeting with manager. i'm the only one who shows up.

10:30am. corporate counterpart to my r&d position stops by unannounced to discuss project. project d'jour politely tabled.

12:30pm. corporate counterpart meeting over. now i have four new projects.

1:34pm. one thirty-four 'i love you' call from angel. eat your heart out.

3pm. sixth coffee. leave me alone, i'm working.

3:37pm. laptop crashes. i go get coffee while it reboots.

5pm. i've completed two tasks! whoo-hoo! but no one knows about it, since my assistant and my manager are both gone already.

6pm. i started the day with 3 projects, one of which comprised 5 subtasks. i completed the 2 simple projects. my assistant completed one subtask; i completed 2 subtasks, leaving 2 subtasks undone. thanks to the unanticipated meeting, i gained 6 projects and 2 meetings.
that's a final balance of 6.4 projects and 2 meetings. in the red.
no wonder i never get to leave on time.
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