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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

cat scratch fever
i'm laying here partially paralyzed. i wanted to do a six\z\\able post, really id id] i did. i'm not even sure about twhat\\\what. but i think tonight i will be reading up on all those great links on th blogroll, and not much posting. this is because thee \\
there is 25 pounds ao\of furry, lcklawed looming, licking, grooming ms\max laying on my friggin chest while i type. i can (as should be obivious) barely move my fingers, bmuch less my rwrists. he has sucnk one set of claes into bmy chest, so kno\now i'm like those sacrificial guys in DUNE itwith the heart bung. if the cat leaeves, i'll beleed out.

hope to see you all tomorrow. actually i hope to see ANYONE tomorrow.

masx sends his love. his big, furry, sandpapery love.
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