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Thursday, October 28, 2004

ex-spense account
my office phone has caller id. my home phone has caller id blocking. when angel calls me at work the phone displays "DDD," which is phonespeak for "don't have a clue who it is" or something.

today was a little hectic. in addition to the usual tasks, we also had a 'critical incident' with one of our systems, a situation that results in much activity for yours truly. in the midst of this, i had to meet with a sales rep from one of our contract service providers.

during this sales rep meeting, several calls come in. seeing the extensions of various coworkers coming up on the display, i leave the callers to choose for themselves whether to hang up, call back, or leave a voice mail. call number four or thereabouts comes in, and i see the "DDD" on the display. i pick up the phone to tell angel that i'm in a meeting and i'll call her back shortly.

"angel," i begin.

"bob, it's me," the frigid voice of my ex on the line.

damn. i hate it when that happens.
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