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Friday, November 05, 2004

the dog has not always been the most affectionate creature. not that he's aloof (that's the cat's job), but he's never been a face-licking, slobbering kind of dog. he'll lay next to you, but not on you.

until lately. he's decided, apparently, that being scritched is a good thing, and maybe even being petted is ok. but he still won't just jump up on you.

he starts from a distance. usually when i'm sitting on the bed, or the couch. he'll lay down a few feet away.

and then creep towards me.

it starts as a yawn worthy of sarah bernhardt, in which the front two paws overlap a few times as if he's wringing them out. somehow this always ends with the paws and nose pointing in my direction. this is followed by a minute or two of apparent 'settling down'. next, the paw wringing again, but without the accompanying yawn. each wringing of the paws brings the front of the dog a few inches closer to me, while the back of the dog remains stationary. this has the unsettling effect of making the dog appear to lengthen considerably from his normal proportions.

the wringing/creeping cycle repeats a few times until the dog is threatening to snap his own spine, at which point something happens that can only be desribed as "gracefully clumsy": the hindquarters of the dog lose their traction and 'thwump' forward in an effort to rejoin the rest of the animal. this momentum invariably pushes the dog's paws onto my lap. then he looks up to see if this enchroachment is forgivable.

of course it is forgivable. rewardable even. with a scritch.
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