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Monday, January 31, 2005

i could make this prettier to read, but i'm mentally and physically drained. as i told the felon yesterday on the phone, "i'm done."

i've been working two jobs lately, trying to bring the ends a little closer together. owing the ex, my own lawyer, the us doe, et al., it is a constant balancing act to keep roof over head, food under fork, and debt collectors off the line. the cost of oil during these frigid days, combined with an ancient house with ancienter heating, helps not. (it's not my house, so i cannot upgrade the burner.)

so friday afternoon, while i'm taking angel to a doctor's appointment, the felon (angel's 21-year-old son), does the following:

1. takes the license plate off his sister's car
2. puts the plate on the back of my uninsured, noninspected, non-license-plated, not-for-road-use pickup truck
3. steals the truck
4. crashes it into a mercedes-benz
5. runs

cliff notes' version: i file charges. i evict the felon in absentia.

as of tonight, the police are still looking for the felon. the felon keeps calling here collect, trying to convince me to let him back (!), and i'm trying to figure out how i'll pay for the damage to the benz.

wanna trade lives?

update: the felon was arrested last night and charged with unauthorized use of a vehicle and leaving the scene of an accident. he will probably be released this afternoon on his own recognizance.
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