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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

help unwanted

there's no point to this post other than to vent my frustration. i've had an employee "on loan" from another department for the last year and a half. During that time upper management transferred her from her orignal department to another department - but not mine. Her transfer was a lateral transfer, with no pay increase. For 18 months she has consistently turned out top-notch work. Her communication skills are very good, she learns quickly, and she's a fun person to boot. Yet, because she reports to another department, I've had no official say in her annual review. Last year she was reviewed, given an average rating, a salary increase much less than she deserved, and was passed over (twice) for stock options. In the meantime, my department acquired three other employees, all from her previous and present departments - so the arguement of not having the headcount didn't hold water. Still, she maintains her caliber of work despite moral-crushing circumstances. Finally, management agreed that she would be officially transferred to my department in January 2006.
She left in June to have her first child, and returned last month part time. After the "phase-back" period expired, she was faced with a tough decision, as she could only find daycare to cover two days a week. At that number of hours, she would lose her benefits. Working from home is not an option at this company.
Today she made her decision official, and handed in her resignation letter. This is the best choice for her and her new family. It is the company's loss, as this woman cranks out more high-quality deliverables than almost any other two employees combined. But the company, having blown every opportunity to reward her hard work or otherwise create a sense of loyalty, shouldn't be surprised.
My previous boss here faced the same situation years ago, losing a bright young worker in part due to insurmountable corporate policies and a few spiteful, hard-headed executives. He summed it up the corporate advancement philosophy perfectly with four words:

we eat our young.
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