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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

another penultimate moment. plus hurtling.

tomorrow is moving day. oh sure, i've moved angel and the dog and me to chez folks, but what's left of our stuff is boxed up at the house, still waiting to be moved into storage. a few odds & ends (mostly odds) remain to be moved to my folks (or, as angel called it yesterday, "home"). today i'm at work, though, and for reasons irrelevant to this post i left behind my newly inspected honda accord (0 - 60 in the length of time it takes to translate moby dick into swahili) and borrowed my folks' van.

by van, i mean minivan.

i mean 1991 astro van.

100K miles.

i've driven sedans big and small, vans, suvs, a ford explorer with a 9-inch lift and 38" tires, and a few moving trucks. they all, in once sense or another, rolled, drove, rode, cruised, zipped.

not the astro van.

this vehicle moves in a manner is best described by the word "hurtles".

i hurtled to work today.

driving this thing is like being duct-taped to a life-size replica of the star trek shuttle and pushed down a very steep hill. i kept thinking of the mars polar lander. or perhaps the mars climate orbiter.

it's a long trip home. pray for me.
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