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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

let the countdown begin

only 20 days until angel, dog, and i move. only 9 days until freak/freakspawn move. we had a moving sale sunday and managed to unload some of the larger items. during the sale, i realized two things.

(1) people in huntington don't read. despite my previous comments about not parting with any more books, i had well over 200 available for sale. sold not a one.

(2) people in huntington don't listen. i announced to a dining-room full of shoppers, "everything in the room is for sale, except the radio flyer wagon." the woman next to me immediately and sincerely inquired, "how much for the radio flyer wagon?" if odd looks were rocks, the woman would've been stoned to death on the spot.

in an unrelated note, november 1 is a favorite holiday of mine (Leftover Candy Day - November 13 in Canada). everyone decides that they don't want to leave the leftover halloween candy at home, because they'll be tempted to eat it and get fat and have no room for thanksgiving dinner, so they bring it into work for their coworkers.

then everyone in the office spends the day eating everyone else's leftover candy. apparently other people's candy has fewer calories.
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