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Friday, March 10, 2006

chris reeve's widow dana died this week of lung cancer. there was a lot of media coverage of her death, so i'm thinking i'm not the first one to tell you this news. there was a lot of admiration expressed about how she cared for her husband from the moment of his tragic accident up until the day of his death. there was a great deal of 'how ironic' made about a woman who gave so much for the one she loved, only to be struck down by a devastating disease.

without being heartless to the reeve family, i say: so what?

and i say this for the following reason: angel cared for her bed-bound parents for 12 years. her dad was a WWII bomber pilot who flew 30-something missions over germany. one day i'll do a colummn on this hero. her mom was a WWII nurse who helped care for her husband until diabetes confined her to a wheelchair and an oxygen tank, and then to a bed. ironically, granny beat her husband to the pearly gates. angel gave up her job to care for them, and was their primary care-giver literally until the day they died.

let's reiterate, shall we? she gave up a quarter of her life to care for her sick parents. then they died. her kids were mostly grown at that point. she could do whatever she wanted with the rest of her life. that was less than five years ago.

and now, she has lung cancer.

ha. ha. ha.

i'm not saying i'm bitter. i'm over that.

no, really.

what i'm saying is, there are everyday heroes. that don't get news coverage.

for me, angel is one. there are a bunch of others that have gathered with me at bars and family gatherings, either in person or through anecdote. i bet you know some, too.
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