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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

as you know, things have been a bit rough here lately in malice-in-wonder-land. what with the big C moving in and the ever-laughably dwindling financial resources, it's an accomplishment to keep getting out of bed each day.

the past few days have been littered with those little add-insult-to-injury events. i present, for your amusement:

-the battery died in my office wall clock. it has been 8:40 for a week now.
-the light bulb in my desk lamp burned out. luckily i have a window.
-the left headlight in my car burned out.

these things suck because i don't have allowances in the budget right now for batteries and bulbs.

but then two things happened that really offset the demise of my filamented friends.

1. a year ago i signed up for a free lunch drawing from the local deli. yesterday, i won. you have no idea how much i'm going to enjoy that sandwich (hello, warren).

2. today i won a free book on peter drucker from inbubblewrap.com.

that's like pie and chips, for free.
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