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Saturday, April 29, 2006

heads we're dancing

look it up.

firstly, happy birthday to my daughters isobel and jeannette. you're loved more than you know right now.

secondly, it was a good day. beautiful weather. angel and i ran some errands, and she was her old wonderful self the whole day. breathed without artificial assistance the entire time we were gone. good soundtrack, too: bruce from 4.24.06 at asbury park (my thanks to mike for requesting this show - i'm enjoying the hell out of it) and strength in numbers (i can out-volume your GNR with my bluegrass anyday of the week, mr. acura-driving middle-aged loser on sunrise hwy).

discourse with the elders this a.m.:

them: the felon wrote angel this week. a very nice letter.

me: uh huh.

them: he asked if he could call collect. we said okay.

me: uh huh. that's your call.

them: well, you can understand why he'd want to call.

me: of course.

them: he wrote us, too. to ask permission. to call.

me: i expect he would.

them: it was a very polite letter.

me: they say the devil is a charming man.
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