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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

because this ain't no or'nary southern woman yer dealing with

angel finished her radiation (40 doses - she's browner than george hamilton on a rotisserie) and her first battery of chemo. (i kid you not: one of the medications is derived from the asian "happy tree".) she has already started her second battery of chemo, which will probably last for another nine to twelve weeks.

between chemo's, she got her picture taken by the folks down at CAT SCAN R US, to see the radiologist's handiwork. we got the report last week.

nailed the fucker, but good. slammed that tumor up against the wall and beat it down to a state of "almost complete absense".

this is, to put it mildly, good news.

not that we are out of the woods yet. in case you missed the memo, there's no cure for cancer. but when your condition has only a 15% survival rate, it sure feels good to beat the odds.


nailed that fucker.
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