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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

day two of vacation
firstlies, thank you to all of you who continue to send me comments and private notes of support. it does make a difference. it's especially warming when it comes from people who are strangers beyond the net.

and now, on with today's show.

the morning was incredibly frustrating (and parts of the afternoon as well), as zombie girl was in full force ("do we have any mustard" meant "did anyone call and leave a message?"; pointing at a toyota and announcing "that guy worked with [the felon]. they'd sneak out in the middle of the night" was a reference to someone years ago and hundreds of miles away). but i managed to get her to eat breakfast (a yogurt) and lunch (a 500-calorie nutrition shake), which i consider a major victory.

but overall, the day rocked, because:

i rented a wheelchair. i slipped an oxygen tank into an old golf bag (the parents have - count 'em - at least six old golf bags laying around), and strapped it over the wheelchair. and we went for a walk in the garden.

for hours.

fresh air. trees. flowers. statues. the mansion. the greenhouse (i loves me a greenhouse).

pushing the wheelchair over lawns, trails, paths. barefoot.

then home, to grill porkchops and make the best salsa i've made in ages, with a soundtrack worthy of its own post. and wash it down with dogfish head.

i am not exactly happy (there were bumps along the way). i am certainly not content.

but i'm willing to call it a truce, and say i'm satisfied with the day.
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