Harold Budd - The Room (2000)
Cover Front Album
Artist/Composer Harold Budd
Length 54:51
Format mp3
Genre Ambient
Index 718
Track List
01 The Room of Ancillary Dreams 0 06:08
02 The Room of Oracles 0 04:46
03 The Room of Stairs 0 05:21
04 The Room of Corners 0 05:05
05 The Room Alight 0 04:41
06 The Candied Room 0 03:41
07 The Room of Mirrors 0 07:07
08 The Room Obscured 0 01:03
09 The Room of Forgotten Children 0 02:16
10 The Room of Accidental Geometry 0 03:24
11 The Room of Secondary Light 0 04:38
12 The Flowered Room 0 04:26
13 The Room 0 02:15
Purchase Date 9/18/2002
Store Soulseek
Rating 70%
Location TRAX_118
kbps 128
Spars DDD
Rare No
Sound Stereo
With The Room, Harold Budd makes his major-label debut. Expanding on a track from The White Arcades, he crafts 13 pieces with a simple, childlike innocence that also contain rich textures beneath, inducing a calm, meditative state -- perfect for relaxation therapy or cloud watching. As he has been a longtime master of ambient atmospherics, Budd is able to create a benign, peaceful aural gallery as each piece slowly, quietly unfolds into a different "room," heard in the shimmering bells of "The Room Alight," the chanted voices of "The Candied Room," and the somber "Room of Forgotten Children" (note the wonderfully evocative titles). Though some of the synthesizer textures verge on a little too much new age sweetness, his piano is always a thing of tranquil beauty, veiled in layers of eerie echo, evoking a half-remembered dream. After many interesting collaborative records, this is an impressive return to form to Budd's early to mid-'80s heyday.