ABBC - Tete a Tete (2001)
Cover Front Album
Artist/Composer ABBC
Length 46:46
Format mp3
Genre Indie
Index 35
Track List
01 La Valse des 24 Heurs 0 02:33
02 Elevator Baby 0 02:08
03 En Route to the Blanchisserie 0 01:27
04 Mobile Home 0 04:10
05 Orange Trees in the Yard 0 02:47
06 Gilbert 0 04:49
07 Pluie Sans Nuages 0 01:18
08 The Wrestler's Masque 0 14:17
09 Je Voudrais Me Rappeller 0 02:29
10 Le Savon se Dissout Dans la Rigole 0 10:48
Purchase Date 5/20/2003
Rating 70%
Location TRAX_253
Spars DDD
Rare No
Sound Stereo
AMG REVIEW: ABBC's Tete a Tete is one of those late-era westerns where the heroes are racists, the whores have no hearts, and the townsfolk really don't deserve saving in the first place shot through the stark, black-and-white perspective of a European existentialist. Half Tuscon, AZ's Calexico (Joey Burns, John Convertino), half France's Amor Belhom Duo (Naïm Amor, Thomas Belhom), ABBC avoids being a disaster of contradiction with gaunt textures; moaning, undead guitars; a raw, steal-heavy rhythm section; and an air of cross-cultural, barely audible experimental rock and a gentle touch of pretentious jazz. Gorgeous strings and Suede-ish pianos sometimes appear ("Orange Trees in the Yard") and the effect — the album's principal, self-evolving justification — is sweet and hypnotic. — Dean Carlson