764-HERO - Get Here and Stay (1998)
Cover Front Album
Artist/Composer 764-HERO
Length 40:23
Format mp3
Genre Emo; Indie
Index 26
Track List
01 Loaded Painted Red 0 06:05
02 History Lessons 0 04:11
03 Ward's Country 0 03:23
04 Calendar Pages 0 04:00
05 Ottawa Dropout 0 06:06
06 Watch the Silverware 0 02:51
07 Get Alone 0 04:05
08 Typo 0 04:02
09 Stained Glass 0 02:50
10 Coastline 0 02:50
Purchase Date 6/12/2003
Store Soulseek
Rating 70%
kbps 160
Spars DDD
Rare No
Sound Stereo
764-Hero may not admit it, but all the rainy days in their hometown of Seattle have obviously gotten to them. As confident a breakup album as you'll hear, Get Here and Stay plays out like a sopping wet Sunday afternoon made for laying low. Lead man John Atkins isn't afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve, and his emotional tales of wounded love play out with added poignancy due to this openness, especially on the desolate and graceful "Calendar Pages." It doesn't hurt that his tight guitar rhythms, paired off with Polly Johnson's whispering drum beats, offer up lovely melodies and even a bit of melancholia all too rare in most indie love letters. Even when Atkins tries to let the sun shine through the melodies, as on the low-fi stomper "History Lessons," the distraught romantic in him turns the new wave organs underneath the surface into cries of heartbreak. — Jason Kaufman