Aarktica - Or You Could Just Go Through Your Whole Life and Be Happy Anyway (2002)
Cover Front Album
Artist/Composer Aarktica
Length 41:01
Format mp3
Genre Ambient Alternative
Label Darla
Index 28
Track List
01 Aura Lee 0 04:32
02 You're Landlocked, My Love 0 05:54
03 Happy Anyway 0 07:13
04 A Correspondence in Film 0 04:44
05 Nostalgia = Distortion 0 05:17
06 The Hook, the Reel, and the Pull 0 04:44
07 Song for a Free Williamsburg 0 08:37
Purchase Date 7/3/2003
Store Soulseek
Rating 70%
Location TRAX_279
Series1 Darla Bliss Out Series Vol. 18
kbps 192
Spars DDD
Rare No
Sound Stereo
While No Solace in Sleep was a chilling array of haunting ambient drones, Or You Could Just... is a warm, softer counterpart. On Vol. 18 of Darla's stellar Bliss Out series (other featured artists have included Amp, Sweet Trip, and American Analog Set), Jon DeRosa is joined by Lorraine Lelis of Mahogany and DJ Aaron Spectre. The nicest surprise is a handful of tracks with vocals, including the wonderful "Aura Lee." It adds a human dimension to Aarktica's iciness, yet maintains a dreamy atmosphere. Guitar, electronics, and studio tricks add more textures than the previous LP, with plenty of delay on "A Correspondence in Film" and gentle drum'n' bliss on "You're Landlocked, My Love." DeRosa's studies in music technology and psychology have definitely paid off for this record, as he produces a therapeutic album of celestial space rock. — Kenyon Hopkin