Sigur Rós - Recycle Bin (1998)
Cover Front Album
Artist/Composer Sigur Rós
Length 54:22
Format mp3
Genre Post Rock
Index 3946
Track List
01 Syndir Guðs (recycled by biogen) 0 06:58
02 Syndir Guðs (recycled by mum) 0 04:55
03 Leit Af Lífi (recycled by plastmic) 0 05:28
04 Myrkur (recycled by ilo) 0 05:32
05 Myrkur (recycled by dirty-bix) 0 05:04
06 180 Sekúndur Fyrir Sólarupprás (recycled by curver) 0 03:01
07 Hún Jörð (recycled by hassbræður) 0 05:20
08 Leit Af Lífi (recycled by thor) 0 05:36
09 Von (recycled by gus gus) 0 07:26
10 Leit Af Lífi (recycled by sigur rós) 0 05:02
Purchase Date 9/11/2003
Store Soulseek
kbps 192
Spars DDD
Rare No
Sound Stereo
Recycle Bin puts songs from the group's debut LP in the hands of Gus Gus, Biogen, and an assorted cast of unfamiliars. As with most full-length remix affairs, the results are hit-and-miss. Somewhat disappointingly, only a handful of Von's tracks are retooled: two are handled twice, and one is thrice reconstructed. Despite the overlap and mostly minor-league remixing, it's still lightly pleasurable. The primary hope for future Sigur Rós remixers would be to mess around more with the vocals. One can imagine that there must be a million and one things that can be done to the elfin, siren-like hymns. — Andy Kellman