7% Solution - All About Satellites and Spaceships (1999)
Cover Front Album
Artist/Composer 7% Solution
Length 60:40
Format mp3
Genre Post Rock; Space Rock
Label Xray
Index 24
Track List
01 All About Satellites and Spaceships 0 03:29
02 Built on Sand 0 06:28
03 Revolve 0 07:07
04 Happy? 0 07:06
05 The Air Bends Sunlight 0 05:02
06 Your Kingdom, Your World 0 06:59
07 The Road and the Common 0 03:50
08 Snuff Gold and Gold Tilings 0 05:20
09 Blindshore 0 05:59
10 Lost 0 04:06
11 The Sky Suspended 0 05:14
Purchase Date 9/19/2003
Store Soulseek
Location TRAX_278
Spars DDD
Rare No
Sound Stereo
AMG REVIEW: With its layering of guitar drifts, vocal delay, and voice samples that can rival early Verve, it's quite impressive that All About Satellites and Spaceships was recorded without the aid of an expensive recording studio or major record label. Besides its obvious love for minimalism, Seven Percent Solution's specialty is its ability to transcend a quiet verse into a passionate chorus. The whispery vocals often get swept up into the current, but always sound comfortable among the sounds of confusion. Toward the middle of the record (namely the psychedelic "Your Kingdom, Your World"), All About reaches a zenith, as guitar notes sound like transmissions from another galaxy. And just when you think the band has had its last breath, it comes back for yet another five-minute journey into pure space rock bliss. — Kenyon Hopkin