9 Lazy 9 - Sweet Jones (2003)
Cover Front Album
Artist/Composer 9 Lazy 9
Length 52:31
Format mp3
Genre Electronica
Index 27
Track List
01 The Woodworm 05:14
02 Code 3 04:17
03 Sunday Monday 04:11
04 Poundstretcher 07:39
05 Keep Going Daddy 05:02
06 Big Six 04:03
07 Grazing Maize 01:13
08 Cosa 06:37
09 Tumbleweed 03:12
10 Carborante 03:22
11 The Flying Nun 03:02
12 The Last of the West 04:39
Purchase Date 9/22/2003
Store Soulseek
Location TRAX_283
kbps 192
Spars DDD
Rare No
Sound Stereo
Keir Fraser and James Braddell return once again to their 9 Lazy 9 moniker after a three-year absence. Sweet Jones is the group's best yet, on par with the high standards of Braddell's Funki Porcini records as of late. Like Funki Porcini, 9 Lazy 9 make relaxation records for the spaced-out adding a breezy Mediterranean feel comparable to Atom Heart's dope and pina colada excursions. Electronic horns and xylophones rub against a handful of guest musicians on bassoon, flute and acoustic guitar. It's all put together with just a bit of a smirk, but Fraser and Braddell seem to favor lounge music enough not to parody it. The only thing to quibble about is "Grazing Maize": its melody and structure warrant much more than the one sole minute it's given. Otherwise it's a gratifying listen start to finish and probably the classiest album Ninja Tunehave ever released. Despite what Fatboy Slim thinks, the weekend starts here. — David Jeffries