7% Solution - Gabriel's Waltz (1999)
Cover Front Album
Artist/Composer 7% Solution
Length 53:53
Format mp3
Genre Space Rock
Label Xray
Index 25
Track List
01 Dear Anne 0 05:31
02 The End Of Faith 0 02:45
03 Carousel 0 04:54
04 Bruise 0 04:15
05 Threshold 0 07:24
06 Lullaby 0 05:30
07 The Innocentes 0 04:57
08 Dust And Ashes 0 06:12
09 Gabriel's Waltz 0 05:59
10 Untitled 0 06:26
Purchase Date 9/25/2003
Store Soulseek
Location TRAX_332
kbps 128
Spars DDD
Rare No
Sound Stereo
AMG REVIEW: The band claims that the inspiration for this album came from the legendary poet Anne Sexton—the shared sense of melancholy seems evident. To say that Gabriel's Waltz manifests itself into anything that conjures up the spirit of a waltz seems to be a stretch: perhaps cosmic waltzes. Utilizing dissonant wind chimes and sampled dialogue loops, these haunting tools simultaneously distance and comfort the listener. All of these elements culminate into the transmuted, undulating sounds of an exalted atmosphere full of contemplative reasoning and wonderful fantasy. When you combine all of these special effects with the superb drums and blasting guitar riffs, you receive the new sound of Seven Percent Solution on Gabriel's Waltz. The appropriately titled "Bruise" is a good example of the driving energy and the mutating pace that will consume the listener. "Lullaby" descends into a warmer place as Beeman's elegant poetry soothes the soul stricken. Imagine Jeff Buckley singing for Mogwai; it's admittedly an odd combination — a flattering one at that — but it isn't too far off. Their sound hits you in waves; at first you're overcome by the somewhat chaotic swings of the guitar, but then you'll gently recede under the tide of the confident drums and the bitter sweet vocals. — Gregg Rounds